Pool Openings / Closings

Leave the hard work to us...

A standard pool opening includes:

Removal of the cover and all plugs and gizmos in the returns and skimmers, installation of return eyeballs, skimmer baskets and weirs, plugs on pumps and filters, the reconnection of plumbing lines to filters and pumps as necessary and the placement of ladders and rails into and around the pool.  In addition we provide and add appropriate amounts of shock and algaecide to the pool, test the water and record opening chemical levels, brush the liner and step area and begin filtration. 

Please note, it is the customers responsibility to remove water and debris from the cover and to ensure that the pool is refilled to operating level before our arrival unless a "pre-opening" visit has been scheduled in advance.  There is a charge for us to show up at your home and not be able to complete the opening due to water/debris on cover or low water level in pool.

If you would like us to open your pool, please fill out the form below.  Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions at all!!


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