Maintenance Equipment

We carry everything you'll need to keep your pool or spa clean, clear and inviting!  

  • From hand skimmers to robotic cleaners!
  • Vacuum heads to hoses!
  • Leaf rakes to liner brushes!
  • Thermometers to test kits!
  • Filter parts to cartridge filters! 

When it comes to caring for your backyard getaway, Kellys Waterworks has it ALL!!


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Kelly's Waterworks

31 Beaver Place
Danville, PA  17821

Hours of Operation

Summer Hours (May - Sept): 

Monday thru Friday Noon - 5pm    
Saturday 10am - 2pm

Closed Memorial Day

Winter Hours (Oct - April): 

Thursday and Friday Noon - 5pm 
Saturday 10am - 2pm

Kelly's Waterworks | 31 Beaver Place, Danville, PA 17821 | (570) 275-5802